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Foggy Waters


Kajitate is a self-discovery personality quiz designed to help people more clearly identify and develop the knowledge, values and growth areas that feel most fulfilling to them, and help generate a greater sense of clarity and well-being.

Every time you Kajitate, we can help you further identify and refine your unique views on the world and map out your best and happiest path for personal progress.

To find value in Kajitate, you must be interested in exploring questions and ideas beyond your existing knowledge and understanding, going deeper in topics of self-awareness, philosophy and culture. 

The six areas of insight into your values, beliefs and understandings that we help you explore are:


What most resonates for you in explaining the nature of existence and being?

Ceramic Bowls


What fulfills your sense of meaning and beauty?


How do you prioritize and pursue your wants and needs?


How can you participate in society in alignment with your morals and ethics and cultural values? 

Flat Round Elements

Morals and Values

What defines right and wrong, how should this be carried through into your life, and how much can you expect the same from others?

Mindfulness & Self

How do you continually find greater happiness and personal growth through what motivates you and resonates with you?

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